International PPC: How to deal with currency fluctuations

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International PPC: How to deal with currency fluctuations

Postby stephytechintl » Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:17 am

If you run paid search campaigns in multiple countries, you'll need a good way to keep track of currency exchange rates. Columnist Daniel Gilbert has created a spreadsheet (and some code) to do this for you.

One issue I’ve seen with international PPC is how to keep track of your spend and ROI abroad compared to at home. When setting up billing, you can either choose to use the target market currency or use your home currency. There are pros and cons to both, though I don’t intend to discuss them too much here, as most advertisers would have already made a decision a long time ago.

There are many reasons you may need currency data. Here are a few we thought of:

1. Improve your analysis and compare performance across markets
2. Use for reporting and billing
3. Bespoke paid-for currency conversion software can be expensive

The Brainlabs Currency Converter
Now to the Brainlabs Currency Converter dashboard. The sheet has four pages:

The Current Exchange Rate sheet.
The Detailed Exchange Breakdown sheet.
The Exchange Rate To Single Currency sheet.
The Useful Date Formulae sheet.

Read more @ ... ons-245601

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