3 steps to overcoming site issues that impact performance

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3 steps to overcoming site issues that impact performance

Postby Greeshmaab » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:49 am

Website issues have the potential to be devastating for brands. If your site isn’t loading quickly enough, chances are that you’re losing more customers with each passing second. To avoid these common pitfalls, brands need to run a thorough site audit to identify errors and correct them, while also implementing a system that empowers them to prevent potential problems in the future.
Here is a three-step process that helps to overcome site issue and protects your site rankings and the engagement of your visitors:
- Identify errors and spot anomalies
- Prioritize by severity
- Fix the errors throughout your site

Read more at : http://searchengineland.com/site-issues ... ess-271232
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