How to Detect, Repair & Profit From Under performing Content

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How to Detect, Repair & Profit From Under performing Content

Postby Siva Priya » Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:41 am

A marketer uses a variety of channels to promote their business, up to and including content marketing. Every piece of underperforming content can be made into a center-stage star with a few tweaks and adjustments.

1.Is the Content Really Failing?
2.How to Identify Underperforming Content?
3.The Solution? Historical Optimization.
Once you’ve identified a piece of underperforming content, here are some things you can do to give it a boost:
1) Improve long-tail keyword use.
2) Optimize headlines to boost CTR.
3) Create compelling meta content.
4) Adjust content to match user intent.
5) Add internal links and cross-link content.
6) Consolidate content.
7) Cluster content.
8) Add visual elements to content.
9) Include the almighty call-to-action.

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