What data do you need to find, pitch and win new SEO clients

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What data do you need to find, pitch and win new SEO clients

Postby betty » Thu May 31, 2018 5:00 pm

For SEO agencies and independent consultants looking for new business, a two-step strategy might be all you need to demonstrate your efficacy and separate from competitors. First, identify prospective clients that are well-suited to your offering. Second, send them a pitch that unequivocally communicates the potential results they can achieve from your services. The key to both is data and, conveniently, the same data that you use to recognize great potential clients in the first step can also be used to make a powerful case as to what your services can deliver for them.

1.Identifying your ideal SEO clients
2.Use data to make your pitches irrefutable
3.Show how you can increase the client’s share of voice for a high value keyword
4.Tell the business about keywords they’re missing out on
5.Show where the client could (and should) be building backlinks
6.Explain technical SEO issues the client has and how to fix them
Read more: https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/05/3 ... o-clients/
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