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Postby DJ » Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:14 pm

Thanks to the team at TW for a great new brand and tool. I love this site! It is innovative and a helpful tool that I cant find anywhere else online.


I am currently compiling a round 2 for feature requests. I would appreciate if anyone interested could post them here.

This is what I have so far:

New Features - GPABLO

Site Admin

1. Show a list of all the site scans every done in order from most recent to oldest. Fields to include:
 Date
 Domain
 Name
 Email
 Newsletter? Y/N
 Performance
 Free / Member (shows whether the person is a free or paid member)

Sort By:
 Free / Paid
 Name
 Email (can then view all scans done by email

Paid Member

2. Offer paid service with 30 day free trial
 Paid membership would hook up to our existing merchant account from PSIGate

3. Paid service has the following features
 User and password which displays all domains in library
 Ability to add/edit/delete
 Fields:
i. Domain
ii. Last Site Scan
iii. Performance
1. GA Code – (example) 24/25
2. Urchin
3. Broken Links
iv. Full Report
v. Send Report
vi. Export
vii. Scan Now

 Rules
o Users can scan a maximum of 4 times per day per domain
o Users can do a maximum of 12 total scans per day


4. Add a link to sign up for the Rise To The Top Newsletter and then send the names to our newsletter
5. Add a top navigation item where called “Downloads”
 User is able to view various types of styles / forms all branded to GPablo and copy a piece of code to their website and use the feature.
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Re: www.gpablo.com

Postby prasanth » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:11 pm

Great! These new features will definitely help Internet Marketing companies and those who manage multiple domains! This will really help our own team to track the analytics of all our clients!

Can we add this to igoogle - Gadgets? We can list the free version with the basic features! This will get us more popularity! :)
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Re: www.gpablo.com

Postby DJ » Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:31 pm

The sooner we add this to igoogle, gadgets and any othe gadget site the better! Its all about getting the good PR out there for GPABLO!
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Re: www.gpablo.com

Postby jondyer » Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:41 am

Here's a few requests that might add extra value for the experts out there.

1) Put the GA number so that we can verify the correct code is on the site.

Each customer’s GA code has a unique Google Analytics account identifier in it, it looks like this - UA-5136862-1

When I’m scanning a site I want to know that the code is the correct code for that customer, as well as whether it’s installed properly. There could be a code on the site but it might reference the wrong google account

2) Possibly integrate some extra cookie functions that are used.

There are a bunch of extra methods that you can place in the tracking code to add extra custom functionality. The list is here:


If we’re using these extra methods then it would be useful to know that all pages in the site are referencing it properly. Some can be an extra checkbox for each page, some need to say the specific setting because we’re marking a page for a specific purpose. (I can look into the most popular for scanning purposes).

Doing this will be HUGE for analytics experts. The only way to do this at the moment is go onto each page and look at the actual code.

3) Ecommerce identification with field listing, presuming we can get to checkout-receipt page.

Some of the functions (in point 2) are used in the tracking of ecomm. To know that it has been setup on the receipt page correctly would be very useful. I just question whether the link follower will ever get to a receipt page to be able to check this.

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