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Postby DJ » Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:50 pm

I really like this site!

The top banner with the square top is truly unique and I think it looks really smart. I also like the top left service categories as they are front and centre for the user to see and most importantly in the sweet spot for eye scanning. Finally there is a form up in the very top right and a phone number which is highly visible which makes this site conversion friendly. :)
- I like how when I click on a service it high lights the one that we are on in the navigation.

Here are some improvements that I would consider:

- inside pages flash - I would kill the flash. The intro flash is great but once someone goes inside they want to see the content and not be distracted by the flash. Stick a nice image.
- The Video... put one of those nice PLAY icons on it so it appears like something you can click on and watch.
- make the email link on the homepage in an image so it is not spidered by SPAM bots...
- some pages like : http://www.southportdata.com/services-m ... iption.php have white space at bottom. Is there anything else to add to fill the space?
- Dead End Pages - At the bottom of every page should be a small section that leads them to the next page. Visitors dont want to come to the end and then decide where to go again. LEad Them! Here is an example of doing it right... http://techwyse.com/internetmarketing.php
- in footer navigation move contact us to be beside Site Map. Contact us usually sits there.

Great job on this page! Any other comments?
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