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Postby bhuggins » Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:19 pm

Hello team,

Congrats to team Phoenix on another website launch! It went live last week, however we have been working hard throughout the week tweaking things here and there! I want to say thanks to the team on this project. Many helping hands were lent during this project, so thank you to anyone else that helped out!

View the website by visiting http://www.swlc.ca. We built the site and will be making MANY of our own suggestions over the next while to help make the website more conversion friendly.

This is a PERFECT example of where all of YOUR feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Please take a stroll through the site and let me know your feedback. Is it easy to use, is it easy to find the contact info, do we need quick contact forms??

OK team, GREAT work. I am very thankful for each and every person that helped me during this project!
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Re: www.swlc.ca

Postby DJ » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:23 am

This is some really great work! I think special thanks shuold be going to the team on this one. George... I believe you did most of the build work. There were many tiny specifications here so congratulations team!

Here are a list of my comments about the site. Some of them are issues, while others are conversion and usability issues that I think we will need to address in coming months.


- make a 301 redirect for now from http://www.swlc.ca/forum to http://www.obesitysurgery.ca/forum -
- this page has a link to a forum but its the wrong link: (right column)
http://www.swlc.ca/programs/gastric-bal ... i-look.php

Things I like
- clean, simple look.
- inside page site map. Leads the user very well.
- nice branding, logo etc.
- clean clean clean.

Conversion and Usability Related:
- the site needs a contact form on every single page. There is already a BMI calculator on it so why not wrap it into that?
- the homepage contents will need to be improved. Someone looking for lapband is not coming to the site to see images of doctors. They are coming to see people that have the same pain as them and they can relate too. We will have to run A/B tests to prove the results to the client
- In the News should not be on the homepage. Again - people dont care about what is happen at the clinic when in most cases they are coming there for the first time. They want to see items that will convert them to dig deeper.
- homepage does not have any images of people other than the doctors!
- top navigation items - strange choices. The FAQ we have seen is one of the biggest items people look at yet the only place i see it is almost invisible at the footer of the site. Same goes for financing. Why would the top navigation have less informative or descriptive titles that wont get clicks like: "Patient Login", "Healthcare Professional". I would recommend - About SWLC | Services | Support Forum | Photo Gallery | FAQ | Financing | Contact Us. Create a separate nav area for non sales items like News & Events, Patient Login and Healthcare Professional. The most clicked on items for any health care site are Photos, FAQ and Financing. None are in the top navigation.
- 3 boxes once again show this issue. Box being looked at most is the one situated where "Learn about SWLC is" This is not the content that should be there. Middle and right box shoudl have more meaningful titles. Instead of Learn about the Gastric Balloon Program (which means nothing to most people) it should say "Interested in a simple, non surgical procedure that can take off up to 30 pounds?" Same goes with the middle box. Better title needed!
- phone number should be at top of every page.
- when clicking on the call to action in top banner i am brought to a form that is far too long. For a call to action to work it should be quick.
- all pages seem to scroll down well below the end of the page. Seems kinda silly.

Inside pages:
- I would certainly make the banner about 2 inches thinner. User is now inside the pages and wants to learn. A wide banner like this means people have to scroll.
- http://www.swlc.ca/faq.php#1 - if someone clicks on a question it should open it in an AJAX drop down not anchor down the page.
- very little imagery seems to be used to relate to the user. I understand the look of the site.
- make titles like these ones clickable - http://www.swlc.ca/programs/index.php
- again I cant find anywhere that says Photo Gallery. Hot button words that we are all used to!
- when i do find something we should work on getting better images of before and afters http://www.swlc.ca/programs/gastric-bal ... i-look.php
- http://www.swlc.ca/about-swlc/get-to-know-our-team.php - doesnt have any images of teh team despite the fact I just clicked on the button. The expectation is there. I shouldnt have to dig deeper.
- http://www.swlc.ca/about-swlc/we-understand-obesity.php - this is a long page. Should we have anchors at the top?
- http://www.swlc.ca/about-swlc/available-financing.php - need to dig way too deep to find this page.
- http://www.swlc.ca/about-swlc/long-dist ... t-care.php - feels too text heavy

Ok... this has gotten quite long. I do have more ideas too but perhaps we can bring them up in the coming months so we can improve the visitor experience and the results we get for the end client!
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