Clear Sales Funnel

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Clear Sales Funnel

Postby chrisstolz » Tue May 11, 2010 9:55 am

This is a nice clear sales funnel on the Professional Lighting & Product Magazine website.

Here is why I like this:

1) They didn't try to hide behind a fluffy tagline or unclear message like "We'll brighten up your career". They simply told visitors what it does. Straight up. No muss, no fuss. "For professionals working in the lighting and production industry".

2) They presented 2 clear actions. "Subscribe Now!" and "View Online Edition". The buttons don't animated or move, they simply sit still and call out, "click me!"

3) They provided a picture of the actual product to back it up. No stock photos of some random lady to get in my way, just the actual thing I can here to find.

4) It's bright, clear and doesn't hog the entire screen. It's just big enough to pull me in and let's me see that there is more text below it if I wish to read on.

While the rest of the website isn't the greatest, their sales funnel is great!

Lighting & Sound funnel.JPG
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