About Us

‘WyseLabs’ is a social experimentation website developed by the team at TechWyse Internet Marketing. It was developed because the team felt we had a great deal of knowledge and information to contribute in the area of internet marketing and online web development. The problem is that while we had all of these ideas we had no where to collaborate with them.

So instead of hiding it all behind a wall, we decided to open up our experimentation lab with the hope that others would enjoy it, and even contribute further! The online world is a big place so why not help each other improve the learning curve!

We have decided to divide ‘WyseLabs’ into 3 parts.

1. Educate – Who doesn’t love video? Video makes is entertaining, interactive and easy to learn from. We have a great deal of video that we use to communicate with each other within our company. So why not share it? In this video archive you should be able to learn the latest tips in internet marketing and development. We even are brave enough to let you review and rate our videos. (Gulp!) If you have anything to add or upload yourself we invite you to share with us!

2. Innovate – What happens when a team of high level developers get together and work together all day? Lots of cool web gadgets, components and other fun stuff. Trouble is we don’t always know what to do with it all. Some will make it into client sites while other elements collect dust. Who knows? Without posting it somewhere we might have a lost Beatles tune that never got published! Check out our ‘Innovate’ section for a growing section of ‘things’ our team has developed.

3. Communicate – Tech’WyseGuys’ (and girls) like to gossip; mostly about internet marketing (of course). We have opened up our internet marketing forums which discuss topics ranging from Pay Per Click marketing, to Organic optimization, to your mothers latest cooking tips. Check out our forum and contribute with us. Sometimes we need a fresh voice on our conversations to brighten up our day. So why are you still here… get posting!

Above all, we want to share with the world who we are and what we do from day to day. While this site has been started by us it ends with you. Please feel free to enjoy and become a part of our site. We don’t bite... hard!

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Stop reading and start watching! Lots of fun internet marketing videos are waiting for you!
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Come into our 'virtual garage' and see what stuff we have waiting.
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