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Image Captcha

"Image Captcha"

A CAPTCHA is designed to differentiate humans from automated programs
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Image Checker

"Image Checker"

Are your promoted posts being disapproved? It could very well be a result of Facebook’s text ad policy. Facebook only allows for 20% of your image area to be text. Too much text and your ad will be disapproved. Before we created this tool it was very difficult to tell which ads would be approved. So we created a tool to help make it easier to know whether your promoted post image meets facebook’s image policy guidelines. Saving you from ad approval delays!
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TechWyse URL Shortener

"TechWyse URL Shortener"

The URL shortener service was added by our team at TechWyse to offer branded url shortening with our own posts. Then we decided to make it a public website that anyone can use to shorten their long and lengthy URL’s! Give it a try!
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GPablo Pro

"GPablo Pro"

GPablo has been built for people just like you that have installed the Google Analytics code on their website but aren’t quite sure whether it appears on every page. With GPablo, all you have to do is enter your domain and email and we will send you a free report by email that confirms not only your Google Analytics code installation but we also check for broken links on your web site.
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Drag and sort listing

"Drag and sort listing"

Mootool script for sorting a list of items. Just drag the item to be sorted and drop at any position in the list.
Views: 3828

Form validation using mootool

"Form validation using mootool"

Validating fields in a form using mootool. Here, if the value entered by the user seems incorrect, an alert will be displayed and the fields with incorrect value becomes highlighted.
Views: 3866

Soft and stylish contact form

"Soft and stylish contact form"

A mootool application, which helps to create a soft and goodlooking contact form.
Views: 4603

Javascript based check boxes

"Javascript based check boxes"

This script shows how we can make beautiful check boxes with the help of javascript.
Views: 4231

PHP Calender

"PHP Calender"

Ready to customIze calender.
Views: 4186

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